Meetings where and when you need them

Why should you as the client have to meet with us as the accountant within our working hours, which as an industry standard tend to be Monday to friday 9am to 5pm?

We pride ourselves on being flexible enough to arrange a meeting for a time and place that suits you the client.  We consider when you need to work to ensure you don’t take time out of a busy working day to meet with us.  We offer the ability to meet at our office in Marple so that you can discuss private and confidential information without the concern of your spouse, employees or general public over hearing your financial situation.  We offer a free meeting once a year to our year end accounts and tax return clients and we offer management accounts clients a quarterly meeting.

We consider face to face meetings to be very important part of the service we offer and with clients nationally we still try to meet with them once a year to build up our relationship.  In fact, we have recently asked a number of clients whether they value the fact we can arrange meetings at their home, in the evening or at weekend as a positive option and all of them agreed it was part of the decision they made to start or continue to use Torevell Calvert as their accountant.

So when thinking about the accountant you need to help you start a new business or grow your existing business, ask yourself: do you want an accountant that is working for you and with you or one that is asking you to take time out of your potential earning hours to meet within their parameters?

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Professional advisers are a key part of any successful business

How important is it to understand the difference between a professionally qualified accountant and someone that calls themself an accountant but doesn’t have a professional qualification?

By checking if your accountant is regulated by one of the two main accounting bodies (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants / ACCA or the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales / ICAEW ) you are ensuring you and your business will be given up to date, relevant guidance and advice with regards to accounting matters.

Accountants and accountancy firms regulated by these two bodies have to comply with professional development requirements each year and are bound by rules and regulations designed to uphold the good name of the profession they represent.  If you have any issues or complaints with regards to your accountant and they are members of either the ACCA or ICAEW then you can complain and have a matter of recourse.

For instance, would you consider using a plumber who called themselves a plumber, who may have experience of plumbing but doesn’t have the Gas Safety accreditation?

It may be that regulated accountants and accountancy firms are possibly a little bit more expensive than the unregulated ones (probably but not always!) but the regulated accountants have costs associated to being ACCA or ICAEW members that the unregulated accountants don’t – so as the old adage states you get what you pay for.

The next time you are looking for an accountant, for whatever reason, look for the ACCA or ICAEW sign or go on to either the ACCA or ICAEW websites to see a list of regulated accountancy firms in your area.  As a firm regulated by the ACCA we understand the need to provide up to date relevant and professional advice to our clients.

If you would like to speak to us then please ring the office on 0161 427 3830 or email

Relationships are the key!

Valentines Day is fast approaching – but is there any love between you and your accountant?

There are many qualified accountants and accountancy firms in many towns and cities in the UK.  What sets a firm apart from their competition? Why should you choose Torevell Calvert over other firms?

To us the key word is relationship. This is the understanding we have with our clients about their intentions, aims and even concerns for their business or their personal financial affairs and what they are trying to achieve.  We encourage and promote our client relations by not charging clients for telephone calls, emails or annual meetings. We want you to know that we are here to discuss anything you may need our input on, be it a business idea, a finance application or an accounting query to name but a few.

So the next time you think of a new business idea, need help with a finance application or are struggling with an accounting query and don’t contact your accountant ask yourself why! It may indicate your relationship isn’t as good as it should be. Give us a ring at Torevell Calvert for a free chat or set up a meeting that could help you improve your business or your personal financial situation. As BT used to say on their adverts, it’s good to talk!

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Changes to VAT rules for small businesses

Torevell Calvert - Chartered Certified Accountants

Buried in the Autumn Statement was an announcement regarding the Flat Rate VAT scheme that many small businesses use to account for VAT.  The reason for the changes are because the government believes some businesses are using the scheme to pay less VAT than they should do.

The government have decided that any business using the Flat Rate VAT scheme that has purchases of goods less than £1,000 or 2% of turnover will be now classed as a limited cost trader.  A limited cost trader will be able to use the Flat Rate scheme but will pay an enhanced Flat Rate percentage of 16.5%.  The new rate will come in to effect on 1st April 2017 and will apply to businesses that sell their time (or staff time) rather than make products/goods.  Some examples of businesses affected would be accountants, solicitors, consultants, tradesmen that supply labour and ask customers to provide the goods.

If you would like to check if the above will apply to you and your business then contact Adam on 0161 427 3830 or email at

Management Information


Torevell Calvert - Chartered Certified Accountants

Management Information can help your business consolidate, improve profitability or even grow.  We at Torevell Calvert Ltd have 15 years of experience of providing management information to small and medium sized businesses.  We tailor the information pack to contain the things each client needs, such as cash flow forecast, profit and loss for the year versus the previous year, profit and loss for the year versus the budget, Balance Sheet, Fixed Asset Schedules, Debtors and Creditor schedules. The business benefits from hiring in qualified accountants to provide information for the business owners to make key decisions for a specified amount of time.  This can be on a monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly basis.  The business pays a fixed fee for however many hours it takes us to produce the information and to present it.  We provide monthly management information for a range of clients such as: manufacturers, service companies, digital agencies, town centre management companies, market management companies and caterers.  These clients are based in South and North Manchester, Lancashire, Yorkshire and Surrey.  Some of our clients ask us to present on site, which we do and some ask for electronic copies with follow up skype or telephone conversations, which again we are happy to do.  We effectively become part of the clients management team, providing independent, third party views that can show a business owner another point of view but at the same time we try to become intertwined with the activities of each of our clients.  If you like the prospect of Torevell Calvert Ltd becoming part of your management team then please email Adam on or 0161 427 3830.

Month End Payroll

Torevell Calvert - Chartered Certified Accountants

Have you started to do your October month end payroll? If you have or even if you haven’t, have you factored in the changes to the minimum wage?

The standard hourly rate has increased by 20p per hour for any employer over 21 years of age, from £6.50 per hour to £6.70 per hour. This could add significant costs to your business and could even affect your decision as to whether or not you can take new employees on in the near or long term future. As usual when there is a change in government legislation it takes time to work through the cost and operational impact of the changes. We at Torevell Calvert Chartered Certified Accountants can help you by first of all ensuring you are compliant with the new hourly rates when submitting your RTI payroll information, saving possible fines and time relating to investigations. Secondly we can sit down with you to make sure you have costed the full implications in for the next year projections and beyond and make sure you make the right choice for your business. As an example it may be that you need to take on extra staff due to growth in your business to deliver the service you provide, which is one of your USP’s and so we would work through how that impacts the profit and look at the pricing of your services/goods or the cost of your supplies such goods, light and heat, rent etc etc.

If you think you need to talk through the changes to the minimum wage then please do not hesitate to give us a ring on 0161 427 3830 and ask to speak to Adam.

Contributing to the Community

We believe in working hard in the community that we are based in. We want to make a positive contribution to Marple and Stockport. To do that our staff are involved in various events and good causes. Adam is on the Stockport Carnival committee which organises the annual event and stewards the actual event on the day. The event attracts around 10,000 during the day. Adam is also on the Marple Food Festival committee which organises the Marple Food and Drink Festival. Again helping to set out the stalls and making sure stall holders are happy means a hands on role during the day of the event.

As Adam is also the Vice Chair of Marple Business Forum (MBF) he works closely with the Chair of MBF Sarah Laker, who owns Stationery Supplies in Marple. All these commitments involve Adam giving up his own free time but he feels that it is something that everyone should do, helping communities feel positive through community events. Elaine volunteers on a Tuesday every week as a meet and greet volunteer at Lyme Park, the National Trust Park in Stockport made famous by Mr Darcy walking out of the lake behind Lyme Hall and it being his house in the Jane Austen series on the BBC.

If you would like to get involved in any of the committees mentioned above or Lyme Park then please contact us at Torevell Calvert on 0161 427 3830 and we will help become part of some great local events.

Brand New Website Launched!

Welcome to Torevell Calvert Chartered Certified Accountants new website. We have worked on creating the new website to reflect the changes in our business in the last twelve months, from a one man band to a practice that employs three people and has business premises in Marple, Stockport.

We have included pages such as the testimonial page and “the what we are involved in” page to show that we are not just a normal Chartered Certified accountancy firm but a business that wants to be involved in local networking groups and local festivals, making the local area a better place for people to work, live and play.

Please read through each of the pages on the website as we have new content describing the services we offer, the experience we have, how you can contact us and what we want to do in the future.

If you like our new website and would like to hear more from us then please visit the website on the 5th of every month to see a new blog that will be written by Torevell Calvert or one of our contacts/clients. It may give you some information that you need for yourself or your business.

We are also on Twitter and Facebook – if you would like to follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook then please press the Twitter icon on any of the pages on the website. We try to keep our feeds relevant, up to date and not too detailed. That way, if it is a subject you want to know more about you can contact us to discuss it further and see how it affects you.

We are growing year on year because of the level of service, fixed fee structure and technical knowledge we offer to individuals, sole traders, partners, limited companies and CIC’s. We are hoping that the new website will help us to continue to grow so if you know of anyone who would like to change their current accountant or needs some accountancy advice then please send them a link to our website or pass our contact details to them.