Management Information


Torevell Calvert - Chartered Certified Accountants

Management Information can help your business consolidate, improve profitability or even grow.  We at Torevell Calvert Ltd have 15 years of experience of providing management information to small and medium sized businesses.  We tailor the information pack to contain the things each client needs, such as cash flow forecast, profit and loss for the year versus the previous year, profit and loss for the year versus the budget, Balance Sheet, Fixed Asset Schedules, Debtors and Creditor schedules. The business benefits from hiring in qualified accountants to provide information for the business owners to make key decisions for a specified amount of time.  This can be on a monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly basis.  The business pays a fixed fee for however many hours it takes us to produce the information and to present it.  We provide monthly management information for a range of clients such as: manufacturers, service companies, digital agencies, town centre management companies, market management companies and caterers.  These clients are based in South and North Manchester, Lancashire, Yorkshire and Surrey.  Some of our clients ask us to present on site, which we do and some ask for electronic copies with follow up skype or telephone conversations, which again we are happy to do.  We effectively become part of the clients management team, providing independent, third party views that can show a business owner another point of view but at the same time we try to become intertwined with the activities of each of our clients.  If you like the prospect of Torevell Calvert Ltd becoming part of your management team then please email Adam on or 0161 427 3830.